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Paul Fitzgerald Photography

Real Estate & Architectural


90% of home buyers are aged 35 and younger.
90% of home buyers research properties online before buying.  

75% of them are more likely to visit a home if property phones capture their attention.

Photography:    $175 for homes up to 1800 SQ feet.
                        $225 for homes up to 3000 SQ feet   
                        $275 for homes up to 5000 SQ feet
                        $325 for homes up above 5000 SQ feet
                       (This varies because of the difficulty in lighting larger rooms as the

                       light falls off in the shot.)

Twilight :          $100 - This is in addition to a photo service or $150 if only Twilight shoot.

Pole Photos:      $50 (This simulates aerial photography)
Virtual Tour Video:       $200 standalone or $100 when combined with photography.

                                    (Includes narration as well as

Photo Montage Video: $75 combined with photography, $100 with your own photos

                                   provided by you. 

Your Expectations:

Cleaning & Tidying:   I do expect the home to be clean and ready to photograph upon arrival.

Delivery:   24-48 hours.  Same day rush fee is $50 for a 12 hour delivery time.

Quantity:  Expect 25 to 30 minimum edited images although I often deliver many more.


Format: Images will be provided in a resolution suitable to the desired project decided by the

Staging:   is always recommended. Shooting staged homes requires a different lighting technique,

               this increases costs but your overall images are far better.

License:  License is granted for use of the photographs for the particular project for one year.  Strictly for MLS Listing.    

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